About Me

I am a Designer originally from India currently living in New York. Having earned a Master’s in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute, I am determined to make meaningful contributions to the fields of technology and design. I believe that simplicity is the highest form of sophistication and that all design must be easily comprehensible and intelligible to the user. During my time studying UX / UI Design at Columbia University, I got a chance to dive into user research and experiential design and gained a stronger understanding of the value of the user and their role in shaping design. Owing to my training as an Architect, I consider myself to be a very practical designer and often feel inclined to tackle problems with a meticulous logical reasoning. I practiced as an Architect for 2 years in Mumbai prior to pursuing my Master’s. I have immense faith in the power of hard work and aspire to create designs that speak with their own unique voice. I have worked on a wide range of projects varying in scale from houses, to hotels, to rural redevelopment interventions, to furniture, to 3D printed toys. I understand that the very best designs are the ones that are cost-effective, sustainable and adaptable in terms of functionality within any given context.

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