Entry for the 2018 World of Wearable Art International Design Competition. WOW is a unique combination of the world’s leading wearable art competition and a spectacular stage show held in Wellington, New Zealand. WOW attracts cutting-edge talent from across the globe, from garment designers to dancers, aerialists, musicians and performers. It is New Zealand’s largest theatrical production attracting over 60,000 entries from international designers working at the cutting edge of fashion, art, costume and design. It gives designers the opportunity to be innovative, original and to push all boundaries of creativity. The only requirement is to design and fabricate a highly original and well-crafted full body wearable art costume to be worn by professional fashion models. This was an opportunity to explore a wide variety of fabrication methods, finishing processes such as colorizing, texturing, polishing and integration of materials such as textiles, fabrics, leather, while incorporating traditional hand-craft methods as well as digital 3D modeling and computational methods. Tessellate was inspired by NASA’s state of the art expanding space components developed using origami-folding techniques. The form was developed using highly-geometric, sharp lines created in folded paper fabric finished in a celestial color scheme. The headpiece, top, and skirt worked as an ensemble of various tessellating origami folds fastened using velcro and grommets or inherent folding patterns.

Tessellate: Image 4
Tessellate: Image 5
Tessellate: Image 6
Tessellate: Image 7
Tessellate: Image 8
Tessellate: Image 9
Tessellate: Image 1
Tessellate: Image 2
Tessellate: Image 3
Tessellate: Image 11
Tessellate: Image 10
Tessellate: Image 12
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